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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of patients go to Montowese?

A. Montowese accepts patients from the age of 12 years and up. 30% of our patients are under 65 years of age. About half of our patients come for post-surgical rehab, while the other half need management of medically complex issues. While most of
our patients come from area hospitals, we have admitted patients from as far away as Florida and occasionally take patient admissions directly from home.

Q. What types of services are provided at Montowese?

A. In addition to basic nursing services, physical, occupational and speech therapy, Montowese is proud to have an on-site Physicianís Assistant and Nurse Practitioner. We have specially trained nurses who are able to provide IV therapy, pulmonary therapy, chemotherapy and wound care. We are able to care for patients requiring peritoneal dialysis, tracheostomy care and non-oral feedings.

Q. How are patients admitted to Montowese?

A. Many patients are referred to Montowese prior to undergoing elective surgery. Montowese maintains close working relationships with many orthopedic, cardiac and neurosurgeons in the Greater New Haven area. Other patients are referred to Montowese from the hospital when it becomes apparent that they are not yet well enough to successfully return home.

Q. How will I pay for my stay?

A. Montowese accepts payment from Medicare and from many other commercial insurance providers. Our Admissions Director and Case Managers will obtain appropriate pre-certifications when needed.

Q. What happens when itís time to leave Montowese?

A. When your doctor and therapists feel that you have maximized your gains and are able to function at home with some independence, our case managers will facilitate your discharge. They will schedule home health care services and order any equipment that you may need, and will schedule outpatient therapy if necessary. This is all done in consultation with you and your family.

Q. How long will I stay at Montowese?

A. While each individual patientís length of stay will be different, our average length of stay is 16 days. 98% of our patients are discharged within 30 days.